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When it comes to timber harvesting, no one does it better or more responsibly than Reid Logging Company in Georgiana, AL. Our logging company offers a wide range of services and quality materials to our customers, always taking the steps to ensure the continued growth of our forests. 

From log trucking to timber purchasing, we have you covered. 

Services Include


Logging is our bread and butter. We’ve become experts at timber harvesting and transportation over the past 50 years, and we want to use our expertise to help you. 

Our company offers efficient timber transportation and access to high-quality timber for you to use to complete any project or building plan.

Roads & Rocks 

Our expertise at Reid Logging Company isn’t limited to just logging and timber harvesting. We are proud to provide road construction and dirt and rock trucking. 

We offer these services to help customers who are completing roadways or landscaping projects, providing the raw materials they need for a solid foundation. 

Forest Management 

With the responsibility of maintaining resources for future generations, our timber harvesting services are overseen by our forest management team. 

We take every step to ensure safe and proper harvesting to promote the growth of more trees, providing ample resources for the future to enjoy. 

Outstanding Service

Our logging company strives to provide service that is second to none. We have the passion, experience, and knowledge to make timber harvesting, hauling, and delivery easy. 

Our team provides expert information and guidance to ensure you get the materials you need for a great price on time. 

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You’re sure to be completely satisfied when you purchase timber, schedule trucking services, or order dirt from Reid Logging Company. Our logging company has helped our community with their raw material transportation needs for over a half century, and we look forward to helping for another. 

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